Traveler’s Guide to Puglia, The Italian Heel

this is an image of the puglia the heel of italy

The title is a bit startling, isn’t it? But it is true. Covering a total of 400-kilometers, Puglia indeed forms the Italian.  Travelers from all over the world rush to this mesmerizing spot, just to savor the colors of nature. Nature, however, is not the only standout feature of Puglia. Let us have a look at some of the unifying features of one of the most attractive tourist spots in the world, at the moment.


Puglia is also known as Apulia sometimes, so do not be muddled if you hear it. The area under the title of Puglia is divided into six provinces. They are named as:

  • Barletta – Andria – Trani
  • Brindisi
  • Foggia
  • Lecce
  • Taranto
  • Bari

Each of these provinces is a representative of Apulia’s finest traditions. There is a blatant display of gloriousness, making tourists admire the region, perhaps with more awe.


When the pages of history book are ruffled, the chapter of Puglia is a humble one. For over centuries, the invaders took a particular liking to this Italian region. Let it be Greeks or Spanish, everyone quenched their thirst with water from the land of Puglia. Of course, with the olives such as those found in Puglia, anyone will be interested to invade it.

Today’s Puglia

Despite the low times endured by this southern cultural hub, hope never stopped disseminating from Puglia center.  Although some spots are still termed “bad”, the overall rankings of Puglia as a tourist spot are higher than ever. Modern Industrial architecture dominates the areas surrounding Bari and Taranto. However, the rest of Puglia is encrusted with the jewels of natural beauty.

this is a picture of the puglia, the italian heel

The Hot Features for a Tourist

A traveler is not disappointed when he questions himself: Why should I visit Apulia? Here are some of the top reasons why one shouldn’t miss a chance to visit the place itself:

1. Breathtaking countryside. Natives proudly declare their landscape as one of the best in the world.

2. Olive “forests”. Seeing them in a TV commercial is oddly satisfying sometimes. Imagine gazing at the endless Olive groves, a spectacle to behold!

3. Sun is usually smiling in Puglia. The Sunlit climate of the region makes it one of the best holiday resorts. People with a craving for a bit of tanning usually book their tickets to Puglia at the first chance they get.

4. Invaders left their heritage in Puglia in a very obvious way. It is still found today in the form of magnificent churches built many years ago. Also, the towns are enriched with the visible relics of conquerors. It is always worthwhile visiting them.

5. Trulli of Alberobello. Enlisted in UNESCO’s heritage sites, these houses are also a major tourist attraction. The special thing about them? Well, their roofs are cornet like and….

this is an image of puglia

Oh wait, this is spoiling. Why not just book a flight and fly over to Puglia and gaze at all of the grottos and other places mentioned? Oh, and do not forget to taste the olives too!

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