Explore Grotta Azzurra, the Magical Sea Cavern In Capri, Italy

Are you planning a trip to Italy? Here is the iconic Blue Grotto that you can’t afford to miss. The Blue Grotto Capri is also known as ‘Grotta Azzurra.’ Its mouth is only two meters wide, so the visitors have to board small rowboats (houses max four passengers). This magical sea cave is one of the biggest tourist spots of Capri. Locally called as ‘Gradola,’ it had been shut down as it said that it is the home of evil spirits and monsters.   Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily, with a proper sea terms (in the case of high winds, the cave mouth is closed).

azura grotto 

Best Time To Visit

The sunlight that illuminates the inside of the cave is at its powerful between 12’o clock to 2’o clock, though the reflections can be seen all through the morning hours. Avoid visiting the cavern when the sea waves are dark and rough. It’s recommended to come with a guide or at least someone who is familiar with the area. Our buddy Eric from Elk Grove Tile was essentially our guide throughout our navigation in the tunnels. This is how we knew to visit around Noon. 

How To Reach There

  • By Foot: It is a 40 minutes ride which covers 3.5 km distance. Just from Viale T. de Tommaso, just walk via Pagliaro and then via Grotta Azzurra.
  • By Boat: It is a 10 minutes distance from Marina Grande to an island.
  • By Bus: It is a 15-minute ride. Just take the bus from the bus stop at Anacapri which is 50 meters away from Piazza Vittoria.

How Much Time Does It Take To Reach The Grotto?

Inside of the cavern trip on rowboats takes nearly 5 minutes. However, to time could be higher while entering the grotto. It could take 1 hour during peak season at closing periods of the day. The total time for an island tour via sea along with a trip to ‘the Blue Grotto’ is nearly 2 hours.

Entrance Fee

EUR 14/person is the entry fee. The ticket is taken from the ticket office (EUR 4 for entry + EUR 10 for the rowboat).


  • For European union natives (<18): entry free
  • Children under six years old:  entry free
  • For European Union citizens (between 18 and 25 years): 50% discount on the entry ticket, so the total fare is EUR 10 (EUR 2 entry + EUR 9 rowboat).


  • The entrance is free on the first Sunday of the every month, only the boat service (10 euros/person) is charged.
  • For boat tours via sea, the price is EUR 17/person.
  • Do You Know What Makes The Blue Grotto ‘Blue’?

grotto azura

The sunlight passes the Grotto via an underwater opening and shines that is inclined exactly under the mouth of the cavern. As the sunlight hits via crystal blue water, it creates an amazing blue reflection of the grotto itself. The silver effect of the underwater things is due to the small bubbles covering the outside of objects that cause silver reflection.

History of ‘The Blue Grotto

In the Roman era, during the reign of Tiberius, this amazing cavern was used as a marine temple, and the old Roman sculptures discovered here are now on display at the Anacapri’s Casa Rossa. For many years, this route was not used by the navigators due to the fear of demons. One day in 1826, August Kopisch (German author) and Ernst Fries (Painter) along with the fisherman visited the blue grotto, and their stories have resulted in this cavern to become one of the famous spots to visit.

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