Discover the Marvellous Cyprus Lake Grotto In Ontario

this is an image of the georgian bay grotto

Ontario, Canada has amazing lakes, green forests, rolling hills and sky-high cliffs and also the most interesting one, i.e., grotto. However, the most surprising part is that due to its deep lucid water, the cavern has listed in 11 most breathtaking Blue Grottos and sea caves in the world.

Cyprus Lake Grotto

Cyprus Lake Grotto has other names like ‘Georgian Bay Grotto’ or ‘The Grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park.’ It is set at the Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario.  It is very famous especially during the month of July and August and even on long holidays. People came here in thousands every year during summer.

Cyprus Lake Grotto is a unique wonder of nature, and its mesmerizing blue water and rock formation lure people all over the world. The cavern itself is stunning and filled with the pure turquoise water of Georgian Bay.

  • Location: 469 Cyprus Lake Rd, Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0, Canada
  • Opening Hours: 8-11 PM (Monday to Friday)
  • Best Time To Visit: July and August

How To Reach There

By Hike

To get to the marvelous Cyprus Lake Grotto in Ontario, take a  half an hour walk on the Georgian Bay trail (1.6 km) that will land you in the spectacular Bruce Peninsula National park.

By Road

The Cyprus Lake Grotto and Indian Head Cove are within Bruce Peninsula National Park. You can go there via the Head of Trails, and the parking is at Cyprus Lake P1 parking lot. Just make sure you review the process needed for this lot. The Head of Trails parking lot is at the Cyprus Lake Road end. The entryway to the Cyprus Lake Road is on Highway 6, 10 km south of Tobermory town.

this is a picture near cyprus lake

Note: A single parking license will be distributed per vehicle during operating hours on a queue basis.

Or get a direct bus service ‘ Parkbus’ from the downtown Toronto to national parks in Ontario. It is the best budget-friendly option for natives of the Greater Toronto to discover and enjoy the natural wonders of Canada.  To know more about Parkbus, and their schedules and routes, visit or just call them at 1-800-928-7101.

Another Way To Reach The Grotto?

Campers staying can hike from the Cyprus Lake Campground to their campsite. Hiking to the Cyprus Lake Grotto from other places is not allowed because of the rough area and distance.  Round trip hiking from other areas of the park takes nearly 12 hours. Neither will you get a taxi or a shuttle service in this area.

Hike To The Grotto

this is an image of hike to Georgian Bay Grotto

The hiking to the Grotto takes 50 minutes from Parking Lot 2 and takes nearly half an hour along the 1 km Georgian Bay Trail. Although it’s the trail is densely packed and rough, while the suitable one into the grotto takes 40ft to climb down over an open cliff. Along the way, you’ll watch a glimpse of diverse wetlands, a lot of ferns, orchids, and birds and ancient cedar trees spiraling from cliff-edges, and much more!

Also, the parking lots are full during the summer days daily. You can walk along a narrow horizontal surface projecting from a cliff inside Grotto, or you can also swim inside if you’re bold enough.

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